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"Thrush Construction & Electrical is a full service electrical contractor with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of the electrical industry. Our skills, knowledge, training and years of experience in the electrical and construction industry, as well as telecom makes us extremely versatile and flexible for our customer needs. We provide telecom, industrial and commercial electrical services for all projects large and small. We specialize in AC and DC power systems, installation and maintenance. We are always updating our skills and certifications as the technology changes and the needs of our customers evolve."

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Whether it is industrial, commercial or telecom our knowledge, training and years of experience in the electrical and construction industry, as well as telecom makes us extremely versatile and flexible. From running conduit in a slab to installing and terminating fiber and data cable, we have the experience and expertise to do it all.

We are fully insured and WSIB compliant. All employees working for Thrush Construction & Electrical are fully trained with all current safety procedures and industry codes to meet and exceed industry standards. Employees are licensed to do the work being done and possess all appropriate certifications required by (OHSA) Ontario Health and Safety Authority such as (WAH) Working at Heights training, Z462 certification and valid first aid. We pride ourselves in our quality, attention to detail and strong work ethic with all employees.

What We Do

Estimating and consulting services for electrical and related projects

This may include any number of electrical systems, either commercial, industrial, telecom, self-generated power, AC or DC. Thrush Construction & Electrical can be called upon to provide input as to the feasibility, cost or viability of a project or job, our years of experience and practical approach can only be an asset in the decision-making process on how to proceed with a particular project.

Installation services for a wide variety of electrical and non-electrical equipment

This can include the small and simple or the large and complex, and everything in between. All will be completed by licensed professionals and are done with attention to detail and customer satisfaction in mind.

Complete maintenance services

The cornerstone of any reliable system of any type is it’s up-to-date maintenance. The importance of an up-to-date maintenance program not only provides you with the security you need to keep your network operational and free of any unwanted surprises, it also gives you the resources to quickly troubleshoot problems that may arise and correct them in a timely fashion before they become too costly. Not all things can be prevented but recognizing existing problems as well as potential problems and hazards is key. Common issues that will and do happen just as a result of time, weather and many other factors are invaluable to a company as well; an outage due to poor workmanship, pest infestation or any number of causes is still an outage and can be very costly. The ability to recognize these conditions and act accordingly is again extremely valuable in saving both time and money. Comprehensive maintenance is the key to reducing these preventable service interruptions.

Project and maintenance archiving

Upon completion of all jobs, be it a new install, a repair or maintenance job, we archive all data according to job location, description, date, type, details about work that was completed, pictures, test results etc. in a detailed report. This provides both Thrush Construction & Electrical and our customers with an accurate up to date report on any particular job or detail within the project, which can be referred to at any time to provide the most up to date data concerning that particular site or project. Archiving an accurate account of all details pertaining to a given project or site is an extremely useful tool in maintaining a trouble-free system.


Our objective at Thrush Construction & Electrical is to provide our customers with the highest standards of quality, workmanship and reliable service at a competitive price and we are available 24/7 for your needs. We are committed to growing, adapting and evolving with our customers to achieve their goals.

Electricians for all your Electrical and Communication Needs!


Thrush Construction & Electrical offers a wide range of electrical and construction services to the commercial and industrial business. Cabling, Cable Management, Lighting, Alarm Systems/Wiring to name a few.

Industrial/Commercial Electrical Services Industrial/Commercial Construction Services 

Thrush Construction & Electrical offers a wide range of electrical and construction services to the telecommunications industries. Cabling, Cable Management, Commissioning, Maintenance to name a few.

Telecommunications Electrical Services Telecommunications Construction Services


Thrush Construction & Electrical understands challenging timelines and easily adapts to any situation while maintaining a high level of workmanship and dedication to complete the job efficiently and effectively.

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