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New Builds

Telecom New Builds 

New build services from beginning to end. New driveways, shelters, leasehold rooms, Antenna and RF cable installations, power, data and fiber cable installation. Utility service connections, permits, and inspections.

Site Augment/Cutover

Telecom Augment/Cutover

Upgrading and/or moving existing equipment or the entire site from one location to another with minimal downtime.



Telecom Repairs

Exterior grounding
Vandalism repair


Telecom Demolition/Removal


Decommissioning and removal of all equipment/ batteries/ shelters and/or cabinets.
Storing reusable items such as cable/batteries/power equipment/racks etc.

Lighting - Indoor/Outdoor

Telecom Lighting - Indoor/Outdoor

LED (AC and DC)

Alarm Systems and Wiring

Telecom Alarm Systems and Wiring

CCT and security equipment installations
Demolition and removal of existing equipment
Rough in of new circuits and equipment
Final/finishing, connecting new equipment, services, and devices
Complete work summary and certificate of inspection

Project Management

Telecom Project Management

We provide complete project management services. Managing the project from start to finish.

This includes scheduling trades, obtaining all required permits and inspections, maintaining a safe OHAS working environment.
General Contracting.

Trade acquisition (gathering and vetting required trades to complete a project, including price quotations, liability insurance, health, and safety compliance)

On-site maintenance; for pest control, weed and debris removal, general site maintenance, fence and gate repair, locks, rack repairs, theft or vandalism repairs, etc.

Upgrades and Retrofits

Telecom Upgrades and Retrofits


Upgrades and retrofits to a large variety of systems AC and DC, both small and large. This includes standard residential service upgrades to large DC inverter or UPS back up systems
Cable and duct locates/Fish /Cabling.

Proving existing duct and or cable.  Install tape or rope for utility contractors in customer-owned duct/raceways.  Pull in cable/fiber from customer-owned electrical or data rooms to utility entrance.

Locate lost or missing raceways (buried).  Locate crushed or broken raceways (buried)
Repair damaged duct or raceway.


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Telecom Construction Services

Thrush Construction & Electrical

We are a full-service electrical contractor company with offices in Peel and Halton. We have over 20 years experience in all aspects of the electrical industry. We have qualified electricians for Commercial, Industrial and Telecom applications.

With offices in Mississauga we are well equipped to serve our customers electrical, telecommunications and construction needs throughout the Golden Horseshoe including; Peel Region, Halton Region, Niagara Region and the Greater Toronto Areas.