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Serving the Industrial/Commercial Industry for 20+ Years


Industrial/Commercial Cabling

We provide a wide variety of cabling services from service conductors and branch wiring to data, communication cabling, RF and fiber optic cable installations. 

Cable Management

Industrial/Commercial Cable Management

We provide multiple solutions for cable management for power, data, RF and fiber optic cabling. From suspended cable tray, in-floor cable tray, rack-mounted cable management to buried duct banks and vaults.  We also provide cable system augmentation to existing in-service cabling, re-cabling, labeling etc. We provide cable management services as well. This includes large and small data centre cabling, running data cable from router closets and rooms to work terminals and com centre stations. This also includes cable tray/trough installations and cable terminations.


DC Power and Distribution

Industrial/Commercial DC power and distribution Installations/Upgrades/Removals

We have vast experience installing many different sizes and makes of DC power systems and distribution equipment. From new late model power systems from Veritiv and Alpha to older legacy equipment by Marconi and Lorain and many more.

Generator back up power

Industrial/Commercial Generator back up power

We specialize in generator back up power from large AC diesel and NG/LP powered stand by generators to smaller compact AC and DC units. All installations of generators start with an in-depth detailed analysis of the customers power requirements and then the best possible solution(s) are presented to the customer and once approved, the unit is installed with the highest attention to detail and quality as well as adhering to all local and provincial electrical, building and environmental codes.

Battery and motive power Charger Maintenance

Industrial/Commercial Battery and motive power Charger Maintenance

We provide scheduled battery and charger maintenance for various stationary and motive power systems. Battery replacement and disposal is also available. Along with the replacement, any in-service batteries receive a documented battery conductance and health report which is archived to track the performance of the particular battery or battery string thus aiding in keeping track of the health of the system and its relative reliability. 

UPS Power Supply Installs

Industrial/Commercial - UPS Power Supply Installs

We provide installation and service of UPS systems starting with small modular rack and floor mounted units up to larger high capacity cabinet units.

Commissioning Services

Industrial/Commercial Commissioning Services

Commissioning services provided for a variety of equipment, these services include the uploading and configuring of equipment software and firmware files (these are almost exclusive to the particular piece of equipment). Setting up wireless monitoring for equipment such as generators and UPS units this is usually done as part of the equipment install but can be done as an independent item on existing equipment previously installed.

Battery Services

Industrial/Commercial Commissioning Services

•Expansion of existing battery systems with or without remote monitoring
•Replacement of old or damaged battery systems or individual blocks
•Installation of brand new batteries or complete battery systems
•Maintenance of wet cell batteries (specific gravity testing, electrolyte top up)
•Disposal of old or damaged batteries (complete with provided compliance documents of proper disposal)
•Full maintenance/replacement/removal/disposal of all types of batteries; including Solar and Wind Generated.

Electric Car Chargers

Industrial/Commercial Electric Car Chargers

Installation and maintenance of EV charging stations (electric vehicle charging stations). From single charger residential installations to large scale commercial station projects such as parking lots and dealerships. 

Lighting - Indoor/Outdoor

Industrial/Commercial Lighting - Indoor/Outdoor

•Parking Lots/Outdoor

Alarm Systems and Wiring

Industrial /Commercial Alarm Systems and Wiring

CCT and security equipment installations.

Networking Solutions

Industrial /Commercial Networking Solutions

Network cabling and terminations for com centres and security control centres, voice, data cabling.


Industrial /Commercial Maintenance

Preventative and scheduled maintenance as well as 24hr emergency services on most electrical systems.

Upgrades and Retrofits

Industrial /Commercial Upgrades and Retrofits

Upgrades and retrofits to a large variety of systems AC and DC, both small and large. This includes standard residential service upgrades to large DC inverter or UPS back up systems.


Industrial /Commercial Renovations

•Demolition and removal of existing equipment
•Rough in of new circuits and equipment
•Final/finishing, connecting new equipment, services, and devices
•Complete work summary and certificate of inspection

Project Management

Industrial /Commercial - Project Management

We provide complete project management services as a GC (general contractor). This includes scheduling trades, obtaining all required permits and inspections, maintaining a safe OHAS working environment.

General Contracting

Industrial /Commercial - General Contracting

Trade acquisition (gathering and vetting required trades to complete a project, including price quotations, liability insurance, health, and safety compliance)

Non intrusive options

Industrial /Commercial Non-intrusive options

Installing duct and cabling where overhead and/or trenching are not an option. Long runs of conduit running under large parking lots, golf courses, custom home landscaping, roadways etc. anywhere that disturbing the surface is not an option or desire. Our directional Bore solutions are tried and proven and provide the best option for a customer who wishes to leave the surface undisturbed while still getting services from point A to B.

Cable and duct locates/Fish /Cabling

Industrial /CommercialCable and duct locates/Fish /Cabling

•Proving existing duct and or cable.
• Install tape or rope for utility contractors in customer-owned duct/raceways.\
• Pull in cable/fiber from customer-owned electrical or data rooms to utility entrance
• Locate lost or missing raceways (buried).
• Locate crushed or broken raceways (buried)
• Repair damaged duct or raceway.

Electrical Emergencies

Industrial /Commercial Electrical Emergencies - Available 24/7 for all emergencies.

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Industrial/Commercial Services

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